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ABS Lending: Let us finance your next real estate project.

Asset Based Solution (ABS), LLC focuses on real estate and asset-based lending. We are the leading Hard Money Lender in New York & Florida, also lending in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Our mission is to empower real estate investors, beginners or experienced, to seize opportunities they cannot finance themselves. We understand that not every real estate investment is the same. That's why we have customized solutions for all.

We have been uniquely successful due to our substantial resources and ability to swiftly respond to the needs of our clients. We are your reliable financial resource for real estate investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are your local lender and we understand your market. Your loan request will be handled by our experienced team of local underwriters, appraisers, inspectors and closing attorney. Only ABS can fulfill your financial needs with speed and reliability.

If a case already has an updated title commitment and municipal lien/permit search, we can provide funding within 48 hours. If the borrower has just signed a purchase agreement, it will often take two weeks to complete due diligence and closing document preparation.

Our due diligence entails reviewing the deal's profitability and the borrower’s track record, and performing on-site appraisal. We will also examine the municipality lien search and/or title commitment.

Yes. We have multiple borrowers with several active loans in our portfolio.

Yes. ABS will fund 100% of rehabilitation and/or new construction costs. We have local inspectors on our staff to respond swiftly and effectively wherever you are. Just submit a draw request and we will quickly release the funds, with no guess work and no delay.

Recently Funded Cases

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Lighthouse Point, Florida

Loan Amount $544,000

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Case 2 House

Miami, Florida

Loan Amount $136,000

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Case 3 House

Delray Beach, Florida

Loan Amount $520,000

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Leading New York & Florida Hard Money Lender, also lending in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

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